Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Winnipeg Heating Service: What is the Best Furnace Type for your Home?

Much like the prices of other household commodities, the cost of heating your home is on the rise in Winnipeg, and people are always thinking of ways to keep energy household costs down—–one of them being the choice of furnace type to use to heat their homes. The options include electricity, natural gas, and oil. When you’re in need of replacing your furnace, you’ll want to understand the unique features of each type. Electric Furnace This furnace is the easiest to maintain. It is convenient because there is no fuel storage tank to lug around, and can be used in practically any household electric outlet. No risk of gas explosions, or of inhaling dangerous gases, nor the likely chance of fire outbreaks.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Air Conditioner Repair and Installation Tips for Winnipeg Residents

It’s summer again here in Winnipeg – bright sunshine, elevated temperatures and relatively higher humidity levels, all of which could sometimes team up to make your home a truly uncomfortable environment. The usual remedy for this is an air conditioner, providing succour by lowering the temperature and humidity level in the home. A cooling system, however, may break down at any time, whether due to constant usage or just plain old age, requiring significant repairs or possible replacement. If you are among those who don’t think much about your air conditioning system until you need it to function and it doesn’t respond, don’t feel too bad. Most people don’t either.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

How to Gauge a Winnipeg Hot Water Tank for Optimal Heating Performance

Nowadays, it’s all about the “green” game. Laws and ordinances are being passed left and right to curb water heater inefficiency—a far cry from the old days when homeowners would simply buy a new hot water tank regardless of size to replace their old one. While such directives have indeed been pushing initial installation costs high, it certainly comes with a nice trade-off in manageable utility bills. The latest energy efficiency standards for tank water heaters are pretty straightforward. For homeowners who own water heaters that can hold 55 gallons of water or less, they’ll have to switch to more efficient (but typically larger) units which can present a few problems if intended to be placed in the same position. This is where proper sizing comes in for the most optimal returns possible.

Friday, 4 September 2015

How to Know if You’ll Need Local Plumbers to Install a Water Softener

Hard water (water laced with greater than normal amounts of trace minerals like calcium and magnesium, in the form of ions) is nothing but trouble. The excess amount of minerals can wreak havoc in your plumbing; something which can be contradicted by installing a water softener. Before buying a softener, though, you must know first if you actually have hard water—in some cases, your water may already be too soft, making a water softener completely useless. Firstly, it helps to know what a water softener actually does. Offered by local plumbing companies, like Bison Plumbing & Heating, water softeners are special appliances directly attached to your home’s water supply, designed specifically to swap out sodium ions for the excess calcium and magnesium. Water softeners are common throughout Winnipeg and other cities, though not uniform in design and function.